5 Tips For Teachers Who Want To Use USB Drives In The Classroom

Posted on: 14 June 2016

USB drives are becoming common tools for college, high school, and even middle school students to use. While many schools require that students purchase their own USB drive to use throughout the school year, if your classroom budget allows, you might want to purchase USB students for the students in your class. This ensures that everyone has an adequate USB drive and will be able to access assignments throughout the school year. If you are thinking of making a bulk order for your class next year, you should consider the following tips for using USB drives in the classroom. 

Purchase a Few More Than You Will Need 

Throughout the school year, a few students will likely lose or damage their USB drive. It is important that you not only order enough for all of your students, but order a few extra to hand out in case one is damaged or lost. However, while the first one may be loaned out without cost, you may want to have the parents of your students agree to pay a few dollars to replace it if it is lost or damaged. This way, you can continue to use the same USB drives year after year with minimal additional investment. 

Consider Unique Designs to Boost School Spirit 

If you are bulk ordering your USB sticks, then you will likely be able to order an inexpensive custom design to be engraved or printed on the case of the USB drive. You may want to consider options with your school colors or school mascot. This can be a good way to make the USB sticks stand out as school property and help boost school spirit among your students. 

Have a Way to Label the Drives 

With each student utilizing their own drive, it can be easy to get them mixed up. To prevent this, you should have a way to label the drives. For example, you can write student's names on a piece of electrical tape and wrap it around the end of the drive. This removable label will allow you to collect the drives at the end of the year and assign them to other students the next year. 

Format the Drives Correctly

When you purchase the USB drives, you will want to make sure that you format them so that they are usable on a wide variety of platforms. Your school may use Windows PCs while some of your students will have Mac or Linux operating systems at home. To make sure that your USB drives are usable on most platforms, you will want to format them to either FAT16 or FAT32. Some USB drives will come already formatted for use in various operating systems, so you may want to check the formatting of a drive before you attempt to reformat all of your drives. 

Plan Take-Home Supplies for Each Unit You Teach

While you are lesson planning over the summer, you should consider how you intend to use the USB drives in your lessons. For example, you can create supplemental material for each unit that your students can download at the beginning of the unit. Alternatively, you can use the USB sticks solely for homework assignments and presentations. It is important to consider how you want to use them and make appropriate adjustments in your teaching plans to accommodate the new technology. 

Supplying quality USB drives to all of your students can help ensure that your students start the school year with similar technological advances. However, it is important that you order your drives from a company like Everything But Stromboli LLC early and carefully plan how you will use them for the best effects.