Where To Look For Computer Wholesale Distributors (Besides Online)

Posted on: 22 March 2017

Computer wholesale distributors began making profits online long before anyone else thought of selling things online. That just makes sense, given that A) everyone who wants to shop online needs a computer first, and B) computers at a discount help people buy more stuff online. However, there are more places to look for computer wholesale distributors than just online. Here are a few places you can try.

Computer Repair Shops

Some computer repair shops spend their spare time revamping old computers and laptops. Then they sell these in their shops at a wholesale cost. They may also have unclaimed property that was fixed and never picked up. These computers are usually abandoned, since most repair shops have a thirty-, forty-five-, sixty-, or ninety-day rule about picking up one's property before it becomes store property. These computers and laptops are also sold in the shops once the owners have repeatedly failed to pick their items up. Both types of computer property are sold wholesale, so you could look in the repair shops for your next computer deal.

Certified Resellers 

There are big retail chains that are "certified resellers" of wholesale computers. These computers and laptops may be older and/or refurbished models, but they are guaranteed to work and look like they came right out of the box and off the factory line. Only you or a techno-geek can tell the difference.

Computer Refurbishers

Most computer refurbishers have shops in the much larger cities. It is uncommon for them to set up businesses in small towns. However, a computer refurbishing business will have lots of wholesale computers and laptops for sale in the shop, and you are bound to find something there.

Pawn Shops

Sometimes pawn shops work side deals with manufacturers to operate as wholesale distributors for computers and other electronics. The manufacturer cuts the pawn shop in for a percentage of the sales, and then the manufacturer is able to sell off more of its reserved inventory. It is a win-win-win because the manufacturer makes a sale, the customer gets a nice, new computer or laptop cheap, and the pawn shop gets a piece of the profits.

Looking for Something Specific

If you are looking for a very specific computer or laptop, that may make your search offline a little trickier. Without knowing what each seller has in terms of inventory, you may be hunting for a while. It is a good idea to write down what you want, what you are willing to compromise if you find something close, and what you will not purchase no matter what.