It's Time To Switch: Get Rid Of Those Office Fluorescents And Install LED Flat Panels

Posted on: 23 October 2017

Fluorescent lights in offices are so normal now that most people don't really think about them, but as an office building manager, you need to keep a number of issues in mind as you run the facility. One of these is that fluorescents, long touted as an energy-saving option, have been surpassed by LED flat panel lighting. LED panels provide bright light that can be just as good if not better than fluorescent tubes -- and they can be a lot safer, too.

No More Mercury

One of the biggest issues with fluorescent lighting, both compacts for home and tubes for offices, is that these bulbs contain a small amount of mercury. If the bulbs break, you basically have to call in a specially trained team to clean them up correctly, Of course, this can still be your own maintenance team if they've learned how to clean things up right, but it's still an extra item on the to-do list -- you can't just have employees sweeping up the debris.

Even if the bulbs don't break, you have to dispose of them carefully. If you're in the midst of remodeling or moving the office, for example, and a bulb goes, that can be annoying.

LED flat panels let you avoid all that. You still want to be responsible and dispose of old LED panels as e-waste, but you won't have to do that often as LED lights last a long time. And costs are coming down every day; now, LED panels are more budget-friendly, and you can make up the costs quickly through savings on bills and fewer replacements.

Lower Energy Consumption

Fluorescent lights got their start as office mainstays decades ago as part of the war effort to reduce energy use. The lights were so economical in terms of utility bills that many offices kept using them. But LEDs have proven to be even more efficient, and over time, you could see your bills drop further, though that can be tempered by using more bulbs or having a rate increase.

Better Comfort

LED lights are also a bit cooler; while fluorescents are much cooler themselves, compared to incandescents, LEDs turn the temperature down yet another notch. That's very helpful when it's hot out and you want to save on air conditioning use.

Check out LED flat panel lighting for office use. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how clean and clear the light is.