Living From One Paycheck To The Next? Find Out What You Can Do To Improve Your Situation

Posted on: 28 December 2018

Do you live from one paycheck to the next? It is likely quite difficult for you to make one paycheck last until the next time you get one, especially if you get paid on a bi-weekly basis. The unfortunate truth is that nearly 80% of the people in the United States who work full-time are living from one paycheck to the next. Because you are living this way, you may try to do what you can to budget your money and save as much as possible. If you are still struggling, there are a few other things you can do to save more and supplement your main income.

Work on Finding Out If You Qualify to Get a Free Government Phone

The cost of a phone bill is certainly not cheap, and you might be paying $50 or more each month on the service you currently receive. When you are living on a tight budget because you need to make your paycheck last until the next week, spending such a large sum of money on phone service may be nearly impossible for you. However, not having a phone to use is never ideal because you just never know when you will need to make an important call, whether you are reaching out to your child's teacher, scheduling a doctor's appointment, or even calling to inquire about something important.

Instead of continuing to struggle to pay your phone bill on time each month, you should find out if you can qualify for a free government phone. The government offers these phones to people living in the United States who fit the criteria based on their income. If you are already on a few other government assistance programs and are receiving medical insurance or SNAP benefits through the state, you may automatically be eligible for the government phone. If so, you would simply need to provide some proof that you are collecting these benefits and then you could have your free phone sent out to your address.

The benefits of receiving a free government phone include not having to pay for the service each month and having a way to make important calls when you need to do so. Some of these government phone plans include thousands of free minutes, unlimited texting, and even a mobile broadband usage allowance, which means you might be able to use the internet from the phone you receive. For more information, visit websites like

Look for Small Side Gigs You Can Do in Your Spare Time

Many people are now supplementing their income to get their paychecks to last a bit longer. Even if you are working a full-time job, you may still have some spare time on the weekends or even after work to complete small side gigs to earn extra cash. Some simple side gigs to consider include the following:

  • Delivering food for a food delivery app. You can pick up orders from different restaurants and deliver them directly to the doors of those who ordered. Different companies hire those with vehicles or bicycles to use to deliver food. You can even choose the hours you work, delivering food as little or as much as you want to.
  • Recycling scrap metal. Collect aluminum cans and gather different metal odds and ends and then bring those items into a recycling plant in your area to exchange the items for some extra cash.
  • Working as a part-time shopper for others. Some companies hire individuals to work as independent contractors to shop for items that people are purchasing through apps, such as groceries. You would get to shop for the items requested of the individuals and then deliver the items to them, making some extra cash on an hourly basis.

The small side gigs can help you earn more money, which will come in handy when you are trying to get those dollars to stretch.

Living from one paycheck to the next is always a challenge, especially when you have many expenses. However, there are ways to save and potentially even bring in more money. You could apply for a free government phone to avoid dealing with a hefty monthly phone bill while also getting involved in some lucrative side gigs.