Charging Your Electric Vehicle Without Cords And Cables Laying Around Your Garage

Posted on: 26 October 2020

Technology continues to evolve surrounding electric vehicles and how to make them work better for drivers every day. One of the most significant issues with electric cars is the cords involved when charging the vehicle, but it might make going electric more appealing if you could eliminate that. 

Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless charging is one of the first things companies began to add to many electronic devices to make them more convenient for customers. Passing electricity from a charging base to the receiver on the device is not difficult and can offer fast charging that also works autonomously. 

Adapting the technology to cars is not as difficult as first thought, and while there are not money cars using wireless vehicle charging yet, it is likely that more cars will be using this tech in the future. As larger companies develop eclectic vehicles and trucks, the ability to charge them faster and easier will be in more demand as well. 

Charging Pads

Currently, the wireless systems in use have a plate that sits on the floor of your garage or in a parking spot and an adapter under the front of the car that allows the driver to drive over the plate and park with it under the car. The car and the plate connect wirelessly, and the charger starts charging the vehicle automatically. 

There are several advantages, including that the driver does not need to do anything., The system senses the car adapter and reads the battery level for you. If the battery requires charging, the wireless vehicle charging system monitors the charge and turns off before the battery is overcharged and will continue to monitor the battery level while the car is parked over the charger.

For drivers who come home with an armful of groceries or have the kids with them and are in a hurry to get into the house, eliminating the need to plug the charger into the car can significantly benefit. Once the wireless vehicle charging systems become more mainstreams, the potential for wireless vehicle charging systems could be installed in parking areas that would allow you to pull in and park. The system could top up the battery in the car, extending the battery's useful range significantly.

Availability Of Wireless Charging

While there is still limited availability for wireless vehicle charging systems for electric cars on the market, the technology continues to develop, and many manufacturers experiment with it. If you drive an electric vehicle, check with your dealer to see if the tech is available yet or when it might be available for your car.