• 5 Tips For Teachers Who Want To Use USB Drives In The Classroom

    USB drives are becoming common tools for college, high school, and even middle school students to use. While many schools require that students purchase their own USB drive to use throughout the school year, if your classroom budget allows, you might want to purchase USB students for the students in your class. This ensures that everyone has an adequate USB drive and will be able to access assignments throughout the school year. [Read More]

  • Recording A Conversation With Your Boss: Advice For Workers In New York

    There are often times when you may wish you had recorded something your boss said to you, particularly if a conversation takes place during a disciplinary or formal meeting. As such, if you pre-empt a 'difficult' conversation, you may now decide to use recording equipment to record what happens. Find out if it's legal to record a conversation at work in this way, and learn more about how to get the right outcome in these situations. [Read More]